Day 10: Beginner Therapeutic Yoga Stretches & Exercises – Whole Body Wellness Challenge

It’s Therapeutic Yoga Stretches & Exercises Day in my Whole Body Wellness Challenge for beginners! This real-time therapeutic yoga routine is simple, but effective in helping to relieve stress & anxiety. Buy a worksheet with this routine:

Learn more about the 10-Day Whole Body Wellness Challenge and download a FREE calendar so you can follow along at:

For the warm up, we will go right into diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. This is a great way to relax the body, and it’s great to do these through all the stretches.

Starting with a seated cat/cow, seated trunk rotation, seated piriformis stretch, seated hip flexor stretch, modified eagle pose, and a seated trunk rolldown will help get the back, hips, neck, and shoulders moving.

Now for some quadruped stretches to help the body relax. Cat/cow and child’s pose will help loosen the muscles and calm them down.

Finally, a corpse pose, or savasana, is a great way to finish up a relaxing routine.

Congratulations on finishing Day 10 of my Whole Body Wellness Challenge! You did it 🙂

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Day 10: Beginner Therapeutic Yoga Stretches & Exercises – Whole Body Wellness Challenge:

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