Having Trouble Following Along to Your Favorite TikTok Workouts? Try This Simple Hack

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Favorite way to turn IG/TikTok post into my next workout! #IGhacks #workouthack #fitsporation

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Re-playing your saved workouts from TikTok or Instagram countless times through is not an efficient way to follow along. That’s why we’re excited to have dug up this simple tip from Joan Levleit, a blogger, nurse, and instructor in yoga and pole.

As demonstrated in the video above, play the workout and take screenshots of each move. Then, open a collage app — Levleit’s app of choice is Layout from Instagram — and upload the screenshots to organize the moves. Once you have your collage ready with each exercise visible (along with reps and sets if relevant), download the collage to your phone. You will have a handy step-by-step view of your sweat session. Easy enough, right?

Note: As of now, the layout feature on Instagram Stories lets you make up to a six-picture collage at one time before saving it to your camera roll. If there are more than six moves in the workout, you can make subsequent collages or use the Layout from Instagram app, which allows up to nine photos.

Need to review how to perform specific moves? You can certainly look back at the workout video, but this is an easy-to-execute organizational hack for any sweat session you see on social media.

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